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The Brain Injury ResourceInformation for understanding the legal issues involved in brain and spinal cord injury cases. Resources to act on the information.

Current Neurotrauma Legal Issues

Medico-legal Issues Arising from BI and SCI

Brain Injuries and Spinal Cord Injuries change lives. Forever. No matter the source of injury -- whether trauma resulting from a fall, a car crash, work injury or other accident, neurotoxins, or illness -- the individual's memory, personality and ability to function mentally or physically may be permanently altered. There will be special medical and legal needs requiring prompt, effective attention.

What can the survivor's family do from an estate planning perspective to ensure the survivor will be adequately cared for after they are gone?

Crucial evidence can slip away or be overlooked in the first few hours or days following a BI or SCI.


Most Common Questions

What factors cause or contributed to the injury?

Did the injury result from the wrongful acts of another?

Will the survivor require long term in-home care or extensive rehabilitation services?

Will the survivor and/or family be eligible for disability benefits, or other insurance-based benefits or compensation?

What if the injury results in overwhelming cognitive deficits -- who will act on behalf of the survivor? Should a legal guardian be appointed?

I think I know how it happened.  Should I still consult with a lawyer, or more particularly, a neurolawyer about what has happened?